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Central America
In the 30 days of visiting Costa Rica, Galapagos and the Amazon Basin in Eastern Ecuador, we were exposed to many new things.  In Costa Rica we spent time on the Caribbean side and high in the hills of the Osa Peninsula. We saw Chestnut-Mandibled Toucans, Green Macaws, Laughing Falcons, Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys..... In the Galapagos we were able to observe first hand Darwin's Theory Of Evolution.  We visited Isla Seymour, Isla Plaza, Santa Cruz, Isla Espanola, Floreana, Isabella and several other islands. We observed Endemic, Native, Resident, Introduced and Migrant species. Our favorite of all was the Blue Footed Boobie birds.  In the Jungles of the Amazon, we stayed at Kapawi.  We saw Pink River Dolphin, Chestnut Fronted Macaws, Orange Winged Parrots, Orange-Cheeked Parrots..... We spent 4 days with the Achuar community which was an amazing and humbling experience.

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Costa Rica