1. If you have an opportunity to hire a naturalist for the Inside passage or anywhere else in the world we highly recommend Bob Dippold. He made the trip exciting and he was terrific with the kids

2. A flight to the Ruth glacier (make sure you can land) is a great way to spend a couple of hour outside of Anchorage. There is a small hut about 500 yards from the landing sight called THE SUMMIT HOUSE. You can reserve this hut for overnights and I hear it’s well worth it.

3. If traveling North of Anchorage, be prepared for mosquitoes. They take no prisoners. Bring a body suit.

4. If you thinking about multi-destination travel, I recommend that after packing for your trip, leave behind 1/3 of your clothes. Although difficult before traveling, it’s well worth it.

5. Cape Town, South Africa will surprise you. Prices are very low for Americans and the food everywhere is superb. What is most surprising is the scenary; Mountains, Oceans and magnificent wine vinyards (not to mention South Africa's magnificent wines). Make sure you visit Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

6. If you need a guide for touring aroung CapeTown and wine vinyards, we highly recommend Suzette Feyt.

7.Andreas Liebenberg runs a camp called Bateleur Wilderness Safaris. The camp is in the Timbavati Private Nature reserve. If you are ever looking for a tented bush experience (great for kids) with hands-on learning, then I highly recommend Andreas.

8. If you visit Victoria falls, on the Zambia side, we very much enjoyed staying at The Tombezi Lodge. This is a nice change from the large hotels near the falls. As a side note, The Royal Livingstone is one of the larger hotels by Victoria Falls and looked really nice. However, If you stay at Tombezi, make sure you request the dog house room and Alvin will take good care of you. You may also want to visit the local school supported by Tombezi.

9. Chiefs Camp is in Botwana, located in the Okavango Delta. We highly recommend this camp to anyone traveling to this area.

10. Fuzz and Bimbi Dyer run a 30,000 acre ranch called Borana. We had a great experience and highly recommend this as a place to stay if visiting Kenya. As a side note, this is where the Disney team came up with the inspiration for pride rock in the movie, Lion King.

11. Very close (30 minutes drive) to Borana is the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This is a must and can asily be part of the Borana package. The wildlife viewing is very unique. You will see Black Rhino and Grevy Zebra's which are extreamly rare.